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35 Years of Communications


Communications expertise and support on reputation, crisis, media relations and thought leadership for companies, with a particular focus on insurers and other financial services sectors 

  • Financial regulation – seven years at insurance rating agency A.M. Best and over two years with Promontory Financial Group, a leading regulatory advisor

Our Clients

Our Clients

Skyscrape from the ground looking up
A Top-Three Global Insurance Company
Huricane Devistation
The Insurance Development Forum
Financial Paper
One of the World’s Largest Mutual Fund Managers
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Global Management Consultant
Silver globe with orange continents
Top-10 Global Bank
Greta Wall of China in Blue
One of the Largest Chinese Insurance Groups

Recent Publications

by Cindy Malone of innovation/design consultancy Maddock Douglas

We hold in awe visionaries like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett. Somehow, these people—probably certifiable geniuses—saw the future before anyone else did in their fields. Heck, they essentially reinvented their fields—information digitization, transportation, retail and value investing. 

Using Apple as an example, he shows where growth comes from--new products, new services, new markets, new ways of doing the same things (in a word, innovation), then offers a simple four-part model for allocating innovation dollars for maximum return and minimum risk. 

About Us

About Us

Corporate Communications

Chris Winans

Chris Winans

Chris draws his expertise from more than 30 years of experience as a journalist, a Wall Street financial analyst, a corporate and crisis communications advisor, and a thought-leadership strategist. He has helped firms manage reputation risk through the turmoil of deregulation, the and real-estate busts, the Great Recession, sweeping re-regulation and chronically low-interest rates.

Chris has advised financial services companies – including global life and non-life insurers, banks, asset managers and management consultants, among others – in both in-house and agency roles.

  • Journalism – 22 years including 10 at The Wall Street Journal

  • Investment banks – five years as an insurance industry equity analyst, including Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers

  • Corporate and crisis communications – 12 years including AIG, AXA, and Hill+Knowlton

  • Financial regulation – seven years at insurance rating agency A.M. Best and over two years with Promontory Financial Group, a leading regulatory advisor

Why Choose Us
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Why Choose Us

We provide strategic support and execution focused on corporate reputation enhancement, protection, and repair, with a particular focus on the financial services sector. Services include C-suite positioning and related content creation focused on showcasing leadership expertise and insight.


​​A reputation as a trusted enterprise takes decades to build, minutes to destroy and much longer to rebuild. Having a strategy based on transparency and a clearly articulated social purpose is critical – a strategy that resonates first and foremost with employees followed by customers, business partners, communities, regulators, and shareholders.

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